We believe that educating our children

should be done first, by the family; second, by the community;
last, by the school system.

Family : Reading Program
           -Bedtime Reading
                -Interactive Activities by Reading

  Community : Outreach Activities
                         - Career Development
                         - Reaching out to Underprivaliged Groups

At the Red Shield Family Division in Atlanta Salvation Army

On the set of the ABC-TV film Resurrection (2014)  
Assisted with recruiting and translating service

  Translating Korean Literature to English


Welcome to where your life meets policy
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Free Consultations with policy or legal professionals on social and cultural issues faced by Korean Immigrants
(한국 이민 사회의 문화, 인종적 문제와 관련하여 무료 상담 )
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Community involvement is a career and a cause. Join our team as a volunteer, an intern, or a young leader. Help us promote and formulate educational policies based on the principles of individual freedom, conservative society values, and safety.

Contack: clarak7@daum.net or macroed@nate.com

1970's Atlanta

 Minority Community: Sharing Different Cultures
                       - Discussing Racial and Cultural Issues
                           - Sharing Literature

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  2017 한국 시문학 영문번역 워크샵(8.26)/세미나(9.6)/경시대회 (9.16) 

     Winners of the 2017 Poetry Translation Competition The List of Winners (10/14/2017)

제1회 영문한국문학 비평감상문 대회 
click here10.27.18.pdf

Click  The 1st Book Review & Critique Competition
 1. Date: Saturday, Oct 27 2018, 10AM
 2. Place: Emory University (Business School)

매크로 교육 연구소
제3회 인문교양 교육 
'우리들의 일그러진 영웅' 의 저자 이문열 님과
직접 대화할 수 있는 기회 !!!
주제: 영문한국문학의 현주소 및 비평감상문쓰기의 실제

The 3rd Liberal Arts Education Seminar
. Date: Wed. Oct 24 2018, 6-8PM
2. Place: Emory University
(Goodrich White Hall Rm 111)